Nancy Wasef Yousef Sweidan

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of good nutrition on the 6th grade students' achievement in English Language in Jordan. To achieve the purpose of the study, a pre/post-test was constructed to measure students' achievement in English language. The test consisted of twenty items on English language. The sample of the study comprised (113) 6th grade students in Aisha bint Al Rasoul School for girls and Marj Al Hamam Basic School for boys in Amman and was distributed into four sections, which were selected purposefully. The sample of the study was distributed into four groups (two experimental and two control groups). The experimental group's students take good and healthy breakfast meal while the control groups' students don't take their breakfast at home and depend on eating sweets at the break in school. The sample of the study was (60) students in the experimental group and (53) students in the control group. Those groups were distributed into four purposefully selected sections in two schools in Amman. Descriptive statistical analyses were used (Means and Standard Deviation) for the pre and post- tests of students' English language test to experimental and control groups. The findings of the study indicated that there were statistically significant differences in the post- test between the control and the experimental groups in favor of the experimental group. The researcher proposed some recommendations to enhance the importance of good nutrition style on students' achievement in English language such as conducting further studies on other populations and for a longer time.


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