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Global Science Research Journals through its novel activity is focused on deliver open and reliable logical commitments to the suitable network.

Global Science Research Journals was established with a crucial build up a dependable stage and to give unhindered access to article writing for fast handful of on going updates in different orders of science and innovation. Online Readers can approach with no expense and benefit the organisation to advance their logical understanding in the pertinent points.

Researchers, scientists and academicians of different orders are welcome to present their novel commitments as unique original research articles which will experience quality check before peer Review process and Publication. Journals will progress the published articles across internet through various online networking following the publication guidelines.

GSRJ welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence to it journals. Papers will be published shortly after acceptance. All articles published in GSRJ are peer-reviewed.


Global Science Research Journals a peer-reviewed, open access publisher of different categories of journals that provides rapid publication (monthly) of articles in all areas of Agricultural Sciences, Biological Sciences, Education, Engineering, Legal Studies, Medical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences and related disciplines.


GSRJ is to provide a veritable platform for global scientists and researchers to promote, share, and discuss a variety of new ideas and developments in all aspects of human study.

Average time of publication

The average time between submission and final decision is 14 - 21 days and the average time between acceptance and final publication is 07 - 14 days.

Article Processing Charges

It is the requirements of Authors to pay a handling fee upon acceptance of manuscripts. Authors are also required to make payment as nothing more after their manuscripts have been accepted for publication. Click here to view handling fees


Authors cling to the copyright of their articles published in the journal. However, authors agree that their articles remain permanently open access under the design of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International License.

Peer Review Process

GSRJ ensures a quality-control system that requires all new scientific discoveries, ideas and implications to be scrutinized and critiqued by expert scientists before they become widely accepted:

Processing Charges

Global Science Research Journals (GSRJ) is a self-supporting organization and does not receive funding from any institution/government. Hence, the operation of the Journal is solely financed by the processing fees received from authors. The processing fees are required to meet operations expenses such as employees’ salaries, internet services, electricity etc.

Being an Open Access Publisher, GSRJ does not receive payment for subscription as the journals are freely accessible over the internet.

In an open access model, the publication costs of an article are paid from an author's research budget, or by their supporting institution, in the form of Article Processing Charges. These Article Processing Charges replace subscription charges and allow publishers to make the full-text of every published article freely available to all interested readers.

In addition, authors who publish in journals retain the copyright of their work, which is released under a “Creative Commons Attribution License,” enabling the unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction of an article in any medium, provided that the original work is properly cited.