Legal Studies Journals

Welcome to the Global Legal Studies Journals area of GSRJ. GSRJ is a principal publisher in the arena of Legal Studies research, publishing highly respected, peer-reviewed journals.

Legal Studies is a subject that focuses on the practice of law. Legal Studies covers a wide range of subjects which can comprise of topics like human rights to property and commercial law. Essentially, our laws define how we live. They are moral guides that distinguish between what is considered socially acceptable behaviour and what is not.

Those studying Legal Studies will examine the structure of law and legal reason, examining how these theories should be applied to real-life situations.

Our Legal Studies Journals are open access, worldwide, scholarly peer-reviewed research journals which publishes novel research articles after double blind peer review process with a fast track Peer Review Process. Published with goals to foster high quality research in the field of Legal Studies.

Global Legal Studies Journals – Legal Studies Journals are one of the best online open access journals in the field of publishing research articles

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