Foliar application effects of stimurel, force 4-L and dulzee on yield of sorghum speed feed


Nurudeen Nuhu

Sorghum Speed feed is an annual grass that is extremely drought tolerant, making it an excellent choice for arid and dry areas. Sorghum Speed feed has special adaptations to weather extremes and is a very stable source of nutrition as a result. This study was established for determining the effects of foliar application of Stimurel, Force 4-L and Dulzee on yield and yield components of Sorghum Speed feed. A factorial experiment was carried out using Randomized Complete Bloke design with 4 replicates and 4 treatments in Saatlo Agricultural Research Center in Urmia, Iran. The results of data analysis showed that foliar application has significant effect on some characteristics such as panicle length, tiller number, crude fiber, fresh matter, and dry weight but no effect on height and thickness of plants.


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