Global Journal of Agricultural Economics and Econometrics

John Gowdy

Department of Pratacultural Science, Gansu Agricultural University, China


  • Commentary   
    Uncertain Ground Research on Soil "Ecosystem" Services and Natural Capital: A Critical Review
    Author(s): John Gowdy*

    The concept of “ecosystem” services of soils has received a lot of attention in the scientific literature and the media in recent years. The monetary valuation of these services is frequently depicted as a fundamental condition for the preservation of the natural capital that soils represent, as required by many countries and international organizations. This emphasis on soil services is set in the context of a broader interest in ecosystem services that began in 1997 and accelerated after 2005. The detailed review of the literature offered in this article reveals that interest in soil multifunctionality dates back to the mid 1960’s, Hundreds of experts around the world were trying, and mostly failing, to figure out how to place real price tags on “nature’s services.” Since then, soil scientists have worked to better understand the numerous activiti.. Read More»

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