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Market Analysis - International Journal of Adult and Non Formal Education ( 2021) Volume 2, Issue 1

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1Peoples Friendship University of Russia (PFUR), Russia
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Received: 03-Feb-2021 Published: 23-Feb-2021

Supporting Journal: Journal of Medical Research &Health Education, Journal of Nursing Research and Practice, Journal of Health Policy and Management.

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Nursing care indicates to collaborative and independent care of people of all ages, group, communities and families by trained person or nurses. Nurses are qualified professionals who studies to stimulate health and prevent infections. Nurses support patient to handle up with illness and offer help to patients in health check practices. Nurses are responsible for assessing the patient, offering them with medicines and treatments. Nurses also improve and manage nursing care plans. Nursing care covers avoidance and cure of diseases. Nursing care involves the challenges of customized care with additional safety, convenience and comfort.

The Community health nurse organizes complete practice that is precautionary, therapeutic, and rehabilitative. This platform will be the stage for many professionals, scientist, scholars and industrialist for their new ideal innovations.

Nursing care comprises of people who need thorough rehabilitative care such as people with physical disabilities and long term care. Nursing care facilitates in providing right care to right people at right time. Nursing care also offers self-assurance of excellence healthcare services to patients. Proper nursing care offers fulfillment while treating the patients and thus helps in making them reliable to hospitals. Nursing care is a long term care plan and contains nursing homes, home care, hospital care and assisted living. Nursing care model involves group nursing, primary nursing and liberal patient care. Primary nursing includes complete and customized care through the same nurse during the period. Progressive patient care is a methodical group of patient on the base of the degree of illness rather than on the basis of medical discipline. Consumerism, Staff mix, human development, economics, diverse populations, politics, technology and client acuity are some of the essential factors which should be studied in nursing care.

Global Skilled Nursing Care Services, By type of connectivity

• Connected to hospital

• Connected to assisted living community

• Connected to both hospital and assisted living community

• Freestanding

In present time there is improved requirement of nursing care due to increasing aging population. Escalating concern for enhanced healthcare and improving prevalence of numerous diseases such as diabetes and cancer are some of the vital factors making the growth of the worldwide nursing care market. Furthermore, expanding healthcare knowledge and long term care system is also fostering the progress of the global nursing care market. Though, shortage of reimbursements for nursing care and high cost of healthcare is restricting the growth of the global nursing care market. In addition, lack of trained professionals is also limiting the global nursing care market. Northern America followed by Europe region is leading the worldwide nursing care market due to high healthcare expenditures. The U.S. is prominent the North American nursing care market due to increasing prevalence of diseases. Asia is likely to show elevated expansion rate in the next five years. Certain key driving forces for nursing care market in developing countries are increasing aging population and increasing number of medical hospitals.

Competitive Market Share Perceptions:

• Brook dale Senior Living, Inc.,

• Sunrise Senior Living, Inc.,

• Emeritus Corporation,

• Atria Senior Living Group,

• Extendicare, Inc.,

• Gentiva Health Services, Inc.,

• Senior Care Centers of America,

• Kindred Healthcare, Inc.,

• Genesis Healthcare Corp.,

• Home Instead Senior Care, Inc.

The Nursing Care Resources industry is in the stable stage of its life cycle. Over the 10 years to 2021, industry value added (IVA), which calculates the industry's impact to the US economy, is anticipated to grow at an average annual rate of 3.4%. This growth rate implies that the industry will increase faster than GDP, which is estimated to increase at an annualized rate of 2.2% over the same period. While demographic fashions will persist to stimulate industry growth, nursing care resources have been part of American communities since the early 20th century.

Non-Federal Research Associations:

• Oncology Nursing Society Foundation

• American Nurses Foundation (ANF)

• National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR)

• Sigma Theta Tau Global Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)

Nursing Care Market Size

The global nursing care market reached a worth of nearly $860 billion in 2018, having grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 6% since 2014.

Expansion in the nursing care market in the historical period caused from the quick growth in the size of the elderly population, strong economic growth in evolving markets, alterations in social patterns, and health insurance reforms. Things that adversely affect the progress in the historic period were low healthcare access in some countries, deficiencies of skilled human resources, lack of insurance coverage and weak wage progression in developed economies.

Nursing Care Market Features

The nursing care market comprises of sales of home health care and residential nursing care services and related goods by entities (organizations, sole traders and partnerships) that offer home health care and residential nursing care. This industry comprises establishments that provide home healthcare services, nursing care facility services, personal services, counselling services, vocational therapies,

Home health care refers to a wide range of health care services that are offered to individuals at their residence for any illness or injury. Residential nursing care defines to the necessity of long- or short-term in-house care for peoples who endure from serious or continual health issues or need recuperation services.