The writing strategies that students with less and high exposure to the internet adapted while writing


Mohammed Jwaied Irtaimeh, and Siti Hamen Stapa

This study was aimed at investigating the writing strategies that the Arab students adopt while writing in English as well as the influence of their exposure to the Internet on the strategies adopted in their writings. The researcher selected a sample that comprised 40 subjects. These subjects were 17-year old Jordanians in their first year secondary school. They were asked to perform two tasks., the first task was to fill out a questionnaire. Later, 6 subjects were selected purposively to perform think-aloud protocol to examine the writing strategies they adopt while writing. The selection was based on their exposure to the internet which was revealed by the questionnaire. The most exposed and the least exposed to the internet students comprised the sample of current study. The results reveal that the students who were most exposed to the internet adopted different strategies than the ones who were less exposed to the internet.


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