The epoch of commemoration


Hermann Karl

More than in any other historical era, we find that the aim of the Renaissance is to redefine humanity, rediscover the human experience. Thereby, knowledge and gluttony walks hand in hand here. Accordingly, celebration, self discovery and knowledge coincide during the 16th century Renaissance. High culture, humanism, literature and architecture along with the excessive enjoyment of food and beauty signify the era, but always in connection with self discovery. Man rediscovered himself; his passion was a reaction due to medieval asceticism. He could dwell in his own glory. Not only was the sacred word important. Creativity was, as well. Moreover, so was folly. The Renaissance man was a celebratory individual. He was an intellectual, a gourmand as well as a gourmet. He was self-confident, passionate, brash, eager to learn and eager to drink as many pints of mead as possible. He was one of a kind, a Uomo Universale. S6t3Bh9Gwo


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