K Pradhan

Very minute changes within the ecological conditions have a bigger impact on the agriculture, trade and economy. this is often a replacement perspective paper focusing more on next generation innovations in Agriculture, Economy, Ecology and Trade for better world. there's got to drive the economic process in order that nonrenewable resources don't trigger irreversible damage to the environmental resources and menace the welfare of the longer term generations. Integration of the environment policies, trade practices and individual actions must be enhanced for environment reliable technology and innovative solutions, which are necessary to work out the viability of the longer term in our planet. frequency Identification Technology, soil and water sensors, NL5000 G5, precision agriculture, bioâ??security, robotic solutions, mobile technology, cloud computing, pervasive automation, block chain technology; eâ??agriculture and environmental security measures are the new emerging latest technologies, which enhance the economic process by integrating the trade, ecology and agriculture. Modern and innovative world is that the only choice to meet all the goals within the agriculture sector. These technologies make the agriculture more profitable, safe, efficient, and ecoâ?? friendly. Farmers got to improve themselves to be skilled in using innovative technologies. Government should support investments within the agriculture and ecology.


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