A quick bud breaking response of a surface model for rapid clonal propagation in Centella asiatica (L.)


AK Bhandari, JS Negi, M Baunthiyal, VK Bisht, Narayan Singh

Present investigation was planned to evaluate time period of bud breaking in Centella asiatica with different concentration of plant growth regulators, a medicinal herb distributed throughout the worldwide. For the study, concentrations were designed for response surface model describing bud breaking growth in optimum conditions. A combination of BAP (2 mg/L) + gibberellic acid (GA3, 0.5 mg/L) was achieved at a best initial bud breaking at 8th hour. Longest time period taken for bud breaking was shown in combination of BAP (0.5 mg/L) + naphthalene acetic acid (NAA, 0.5 g / L) and BAP (0.1 mg/L) + adenine sulphate (0.5 mg/L) which was recorded at 84th hour. Half strength MS media was supplemented with IBA alone (2 mg/L) and in combination with IAA (0.5 mg/L) to attain an early in vitro rooting. Their interactions observed were statistically significant (P < 0.05).


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