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Global Journal of Gastroenterology and Cardiology

Editorial Board


Dr. Isabelle CoppensAcademic, Degrees: PhD
University of Louvain (Belgium)

Editorial Board

Dr. Rhoel DinglasanAcademic, Degrees: PhD
Yale University Departmental
University of Maryland School of Medicine, MPhil, Yale University; MPH

Dr. Jürgen BoschAcademic, Degrees PhD
2003Departmental Affiliation Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Technical University Munich

Dr. Scott BaileyAcademic, Degrees: PhD
University of Sheffield, UK

Dr. rer nat. Andreas Schaefer
Behavioural Neuroanatomy, University of Heidelberg

Professor George Dimopoulos, Degrees: PhD
Director of the Parasitology Core FacilityAcademic
University of Crete,

Professor Peter AgreAcademic, Degrees: MD

Lene FrostAnatomy
Professor Andersen

Professor Berg Torill

Professor Amiri Moghadam

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kuner
University Medical Center,

Professor Robert Harvey

Prof Kirsten Harvey

Dr. Emre Yalcinkaya
Affiliation: Department of Cardiology, Aksaz Military Hospital
Area of Expertise: Internal Medicine and Cardiology, Turkey

Dr Afia AliSenior Lecturer
PharmacologyUCL School of Pharmacy

Dr. Fernando J. Pineda, PhD
MIT 1977Departmental Affiliation: Molecular Microbiology and ImmunoloJoint Departmental Affiliations: Dept. of Biostatistics Johns Hopkins Whiting School, Dept. of Computer ScienceJohns Hopkins School of Medicine
University of Maryland, 1987 MS, College Park, 1982; BS , Division of Health Sciences Informatics