Global Journal of Agriculture and Agricultural Sciences

KH Biru

Department of Plantation and Agroforestry, Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute, Jimma Environment and Forest Research Center, Jimma, Ethiopia


  • Review Article   
    Impact of deforestation and climate change in Ethiopia
    Author(s): KH Biru*

    The ever increasing demand of farmland, fuel wood and charcoal production including increase has accelerated the speed of forest reduction in Ethiopia. Forests have significant importance to our ecosystems in protecting the earth from global climate change by absorbing CO2, in preserving watersheds, in providing natural products like wood and non-wood forest products. Though forests play such critical environmental and economic roles for the sustainability of life on Earth, the number and quality of forests is declining from time to time. This loss of forest biodiversity is thanks to various reasons, most of which are anthropogenic. Deforestation has many negative consequences like loss of biodiversity, climate change, degradation of soils, disruption of hydrological cycles, desertification, economic loss and social conflicts. The rate of deforestation are often bogged down.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.15651/2408-6886.23.11.017

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