International Journal of Adult and Non Formal Education

Jennifer Linsdell

Department Head of Arts, Newcastel Sixth Form College, North Shields, United Kingdom


  • Research Article   
    Staff Wellbeing in Education
    Author(s): Jennifer Linsdell*

    Mental Health in Further Education. Something which all of us want to understand better, although on the surface is something that most within the sector are just trying to cover with a band aid. I came into Further Education wanting to help students, change their lives every day and give them potential and motivation to understand their own self-worth. What I found was students having more negative feelings towards college, their work and themselves because they see the stress their teachers are under. They see the daily struggles of marking, paperwork and scrutiny. They see us exhausting ourselves and ultimately believe it is down to them. When you realise the impact you are having on a young person, both positive and negative, you can’t help but to continue to improve. I’ve spent the past year studying both my own, and my students’ mental health in connection to A.. Read More»

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