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2021 Conference Announcement - Global Journal of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development ( 2021) Volume 9, Issue 1

Aging and Care-Conf Young Scientist Awards

Alireza Heidari Academic Tenure of Chemistry & Director of the BioSpectroscopy*
1Core Research Laboratory at Faculty of Chemistry, California, USA
*Corresponding Author:
Ph.D., D.Sc. Full Distinguished Profess. Alireza Heidari, Academic Tenure of Chemistry & Director of the BioSpectroscopy, Core Research Laboratory at Faculty of Chemistry, USA, Email: [email protected]

Published: 22-Feb-2021

Aging and Care Conference Committee is glad to announce " Aging and Care 2020" Sep 20-21, 2020 in Barcelona, Spain by base regarding the matter: "Propelling Wellness For A Healthy Aging " Aging and Care 2020 enhancements are keeping up their vitality. Maturing and Care Conference program dives into crucial discussions.

Aging and Care Conference Committee is proposed to regard prestigious respect for skilled Young examiners, scientists, Young Investigators, Post-Graduate understudies, Post-doctoral partners, Trainees, Junior staff in affirmation of their excellent duty towards the social affair point. The Young Scientist Awards revolves around in reverse in giving a strong master improvement open entryway for early calling academicians by meeting authorities to exchange and share their experiences on all pieces of Aging and Care .

Guidelines for Young Researchers Forum:


• Young Scientist Award recongination testament and keepsake to the victors.

• Our meetings give best Platform to your examination through oral introductions.

• Learn about profession improvement with all the most recent advances by systems administration.

• Young Scientists will get fitting and opportune data by this Forum.

• Platform for joint effort among youthful analysts for better advancement.

• Provide an open door for look into connection and built up senior specialists over the globe in the field.

• Share the thoughts with both prominent specialists and tutors.

• It's an incredible benefit for youthful analysts to find out about the exploration regions for extending their examination information.


• Young Investigators, Post-Graduate understudies, Post- doctoral colleagues, Trainees, Junior staff with at least 5 years of research understanding

• Presentation must be into logical sessions of the gathering.

• Each Young Researcher/Young Scientist can submit just one paper (as first creator or co-creator).

• Age limit-Under 35yrs

• All entries must be in English.


• All introduced modified works will consequently be considered for the Award.

• All the introduction will be assessed in the gathering setting

• All the honors will be chosen by the judges of the honor classification

• The victors of the Young Scientist Award will get grant authentication.

• The grants will be evaluated similar to plan and configuration, knowledge, argumentation and approach, commonality with past work, connecting with quality, message and essential concerns, equality of substance visuals, and all things considered impression.


The Young Scientist Feature is a stage to advance youthful analysts in their particular region by allowing them to show their accomplishments and future viewpoints.

•Acknowledgement as YRF Awardee

•Promotion on the meeting site, Young Researcher Awards and declarations

•Link on the meeting site

•Recognition on Meetings Int. Grant Page

•Chances to organize with accomplices around the globe

•Research work can be distributed in the important diary with no production expense

Aging and Care gives best stage to extend your system, where you can meet researchers, specialists and CROs from around the globe. It's your opportunity to snatch the chance to join Aging and Care for advancing your examination article and to encourage lofty honor in all classes. Right now, search forward for your commitment and shocking devotion to make our Aging and Care 2020 progressively effective