Global Journal of Agricultural Economics and Econometrics

Young Research Forum - Global Journal of Agricultural Economics and Econometrics ( 2021) Volume 9, Issue 2

10th International Conference on Food Science and Technology

Nichelle A Mullins*
1Charter Oak Health Center, USA
*Corresponding Author:
President & CEO. Nichelle A Mullins, Charter Oak Health Center, USA, Email: [email protected]



Young Research Forum Announcement

Young Research Forum (YRF) is an exciting event for postgraduate pupils (MPH, MSc, MRes, PhD, etc.) and their health supervisors. The Young Researchers Forum is an inspiring pre-conference. It was specifically designed to allow students to discuss their work in a friendly and supportive environment and to receive feedback from advisors and staff.

The goal of the Forum is to encourage young researchers and bring them together in the area of the Food Science and technology. The forum provides a vibrant platform to discuss potential and continuous work from concept to outcome in every point. The forum aims to provide young researchers with a friendly setting, which allows them to receive feedback on their work, share experiences, put questions and explore pathways. The forum also facilitates exchanges between young scholars, experts and industry. Each author will be named an industrial mentor, in addition to reviewers specific to their research, who will evaluate and propose changes to their proposals.

This is specifically for the growing researchers, scientists, PhD students and University students who is working within the National and International or Government. This award is to encourage their work and to support them.

The participants will be able to share the findings and insights of research with their colleagues and to look for the ability to be motivated and inspired and to learn about study directions. They will engage in their research. Participation Candidates for a Ph.D., young researchers (including undergraduates) in every level of their study, young researchers in the field of science are most welcome to participate. Furthermore, we encourage Ph.D. candidates and young investigators to take part in this Neuroscience 2020 Conference and present their work at the London Event.

Benefits for the Young Research Forum:

• Display your research work by delivering it orally.

• Learn about career development and the latest tools and technologies for research in your field.

• Create a foundation for young researchers ' collaboration.

• This forum is an opportunity to communicate collegially with other young researchers and senior researchers around the world.

• Interact with colleagues and advisors and share ideas.

• Opportunity for young researchers to learn about their peers research areas in a multidisciplinary capacity.

• Distribute information actively and encourage the advantages of education and work.

Young Research Forum presentations scholars/students are eligible to get certificates/ Young Scientist Award and other awards certificates. One of the awards is the Best Outstanding Masters/PhD/Postdocs thesis work presentation Award which will be provided to the Best YRF candidate.

Eligibility criteria:

• The applicant should be currently doing Master/Ph.D./Postdocs or completed their degree within the last 18 Month

• The applicant should have an affiliation with the University or Research Center.

• The applicant should enroll under the YRF category

• Young Researchers (e.g. Post-Graduate students, Post-doctoral fellows, Trainees, junior faculty) are the focal point of this Neuroscience Conference.

• The topic would fit into the conference's scientific sessions. Each individual applicant is permitted to submit only one paper (as first author or co-author).

• None of the authors should have a senior position or faculty position.

• Participants should be below the age of 33 years.

• All submissions must be in English.

For any further queries/concern, can contact the General Chair of Spine Congress 2020 secretariat at the below contact details:

Ms. Shirley Jones

General Chair of Food Science Conference 2020

E: foodtechnology [at]pulsusseries [dot]com

P: +44-203-769-1778


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