Water molds Saprolegnia diclina (FLO) isolated from eggs of Carassius carassius L. in Białystok Rivers, Poland


Bożena Kiziewicz, Javier Dieguez-Uribeondo and Maria P. Martin

Investigations of occurrence of Saprolegnia diclina from four limnocrenic springs of rivers within the Białystok where eggs of Carassius carassius were the bait were done. Identification of isolates was accomplished on the basis of their vegetative, asexual reproduction, generative organs and by studying the sequencing of the internal transcribed spacer of nuclear ribosomal DNA (ITS1+5.8S+ITS2). S. diclina occurred in 29 (60.4%) [10(20.1%) in spring, 4 (8.3%) in summer, 11 (23.0%) in autumn and 4 (8.3%) in winter, 2005] of the 48 examined water samples. The results indicate the sequence comparisons of two ITS nuclear DNA for species identification: S. diclina. The results indicate that the sequence of our isolate correspond to S. diclina. It is very important that this study represents the first isolation (on the basis of molecular features) of S. diclina in fresh waters in Poland.

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