Trends of Mushrooms Trade in Ethiopia


Shiferaw Alem*

Information’s on the trends of mushrooms trade in Ethiopia using long-term data is lacking, and such analysis are important for marketing, and policy formulation purposes. The objectives of this study paper are 1) to evaluate the trends of mushrooms export and import in Ethiopia 2) to categorize the countries of origin for the imported mushrooms and destination countries for the exported mushrooms 3) to analyse the trade balance. To achieve the objectives long term data of the imported and exported mushrooms, in the years of 1997-2016, were used. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyse the data. The results indicated that, the country imported and exported an average of 10.8 tonnes and 68.3 tonnes of mushrooms per year, correspondingly. Similarly, the country spent an average of US$ 134383.9 per year for the imported mushrooms while it earned an average of US$ 23530.9 per year from the exported mushrooms, which shows that a trade deficit to mushrooms.


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