The attitude of the adult education stakeholders towards adult education in Kimball district council, Tanzania


Tulia Michael*, Laurent Ndijuye and Abdon Ephrem

This study investigated the attitude of the adult education stakeholders towards adult education in Kwimba District, Tanzania. This study employed qualitative research approach with phenomenology design. The sample in this study constituted 4 District Primary Education Officers (DPEO), 4 District Adult Education Officers (DAEO), 4 District Commissioner (DC), 16 Head Teachers (HT), 16 ICBAE and 16 COBET facilitators, that make a total of 60 participants. The questionnaires, interviews and focused group discussion were used as methods to collect data. The study findings revealed that there is negative attitude among adult education stakeholders towards adult education programs. This attitude have been revealed in terms of financing of adult education programs, availability of teaching and learning materials, provision of incentives, attendance for COBET and ICBAE learners, interest to join and attend the adult education programs and community support. The study concludes that, if stakeholders may be involved in the implementation of adult education programs they may do many things in removing negative attitude in adult education including: create awareness on the existing adult education programs among personnel in the managerial positions of adult education programs, to start mass campaigns, Government to allocate funds for running adult education programs, district leaders to visit adult learning centres on regular basis and to establish a clear description of activities and to distribute curriculum materials to the COBET and ICBAE centres without prejudice.


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