Tabasum Akther

Education in ordinary sense is known as process to inculcate total strength in human being. Education is aimed at drawing out the worth that lies in human being. Education is the development of good moral character and the perfection of individual. Swami Vivekananda called education as “Manifestation of perfection of lying already within an individual. “Furthermore he said“ We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased intellects is expanded and by which one can stand one one’s feet”. Education in the classical foundations was perceived as a tool to generate ‘Divinity in Humanity’. Classical thoughts explicitly advocated the fact that ‘Capacity building is necessary the outcome of character building. Ancient system aimed at building the nation in which people have common aspirationsand expectations. Classical thoughts lay much emphasis on moral and spiritual education. In such type of education students had plenty of opportunity to interact with nature and teachers. It builds strong youths and they tend to live fearlessly. Youths tend to live with highest faith in moral and spiritual values as such as courage, self –confidence, wisdom, justice, truth, non – violence, etc. These ultimately strengthened the quality of life of the youths.


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