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Radiation protection mechanism of extractive from aged black garlic on colon cancer Ht29-implanted tumor in mice


Wan Lingqin Liu Hanchen Gong Xiaojing Wang Yishan

The study was to investigate the radiation protection mechanism of extractive from aged black garlic (EABG). Methods: Establish the model of 60Co-γ radiation damage model tumor-bearing mice, and when the subcutaneous immunization tumors in mice grow to 8~10mm, we divided these 40 mice into four groups: control group, radiotherapy group, EABG group, EABG combined radiotherapy group. Intraperitoneal injection for 14d, respectively receive the dosage of 3 Gy 60Co-γ radiation at the 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 days, a total of 15 Gy. And weighing the index of thymus and spleen in mice at different time; detect the count of peripheral blood leukocyte, the activity of serum super oxide dismutase (SOD) and serum activity of catalase (CAT). The result compared the control and radiotherapy group, the EABG combined radiotherapy group mice transplanted tumor growth significantly suppressed; The thymus and spleen index of EABG group and EABG combined radiotherapy group obviously rise; the number of serum white blood cell count, SOD and CAT all elevate. It was concluded that EABG has strong effect of radiation resistance, it can significantly improve the mice survival rate under lethal dose of 60Co-γ, reduce the radiation damage on peripheral white blood cells , thymus gland and spleen in mice, increase the value of SOD and CAT in serum. The in-depth mechanism still remains to further study.

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