Problems militating against effective management of the Nigeria university education system


Adebayo Oluwatoyin, Toheeb Abeeb Balogun

Higher education plays a crucial role in the supply of high level manpower for the socio-political and economic development of a nation. To this end, the effective management of this educational sector becomes necessary. This paper examines the myriads of problems militating against the effective management of the Nigeria university education system. These include: financial crisis, poor infrastructure, brain-drain, erosion of university autonomy, graduate unemployment, volatile and militant students’ unionism, secret cults, examination malpractices and sexual harassment. Therefore, it is recommended that government should re-address the issue of funding of university, review upward the pay- package of academics, grant the university autonomy and make plans and projections on the nation’s manpower needs in a bid to integrate this into the university programmes.


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