Physico-chemical factors affecting the distribution of wetland birds of Barna Reservoir in Narmada Basin, Central India


Satish Balapure, Sumana Dutta and Vipin Vyas

The ecology of wetland birds of the Barna Reservoir was studied from March 2009 to February 2011. Species composition, diversity and abundance of birds were assessed. Sixty four (64) species of wetland birds were enumerated. Fourteen (14) environmental variables were correlated with the wetland birds species richness among which most of the variables were positively correlated with bird species richness except water depth, dissolved oxygen, total hardness and chloride. A strong correlation of bird species was noted with benthos density (r = 0.98). Bird species richness was also positively correlated with macrophytic biomass (r = 0.8), orthophosphate (r = 0.75), and conductivity (r = 0.64). It was observed that bird species richness had a strong negative correlation with water depth and dissolved oxygen.


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