Perceptions of Power: A Cognitive Perspective of Nationalised Commercial Banks of Bangladesh


Nadim Jahangir Ph.d. School of Business, Independent University Bangladesh

This book is based on a PhD thesis by Dr Nadim Jahangir who is currently working as a Professor and Director, School of Business, Independent University, Bangladesh. The book entitled “Perceptions of Power: A Cognitive Perspective of Nationalised Commercial Banks” consists of nine chapters in total dealing with different aspects of Nationalised commercial banks in Bangladesh (NCBs) especially managers’ efficiency and effectiveness with employees. Each chapter addresses a separate issue and is logically presented. Chapter-I gives the nature and scope of the study while chapter -II describes the research context. Chapter -III deals review of the related literature while chapter- IV gives an analysis of the development of conceptual framework. Chapter-V discusses research Methodology. Chapter VI provides findings from questionnaires while analysis of quantitative data is described in chapter-VII. Findings and analysis of data from interviews are described in chapter-VIII while chapter-IX deals with conclusions and recommendations. References on relevant books, journals, monographs, working papers, conference papers and seminar papers etc. respectively are also given. Index is also given in the book. This book observes role of managers of NCBs in Bangladesh economy as efficiency and effectiveness of the bank management depends on them.


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