Okra shoot and fruit borer, Earias vittella (fab.) varietal preference under field condition


Shamim Barsha, Rubel Mehedi, Saiful Mehedi

An experiment was carried out in the Entomology Field Laboratory of Bangladesh Agricultural University during February to May2014 to investigate the varietal preference of okra shoot and fruit borer, Earias vittella among different okra varieties. Seven okra varieties viz., Taj Vendhi, BARI Dharos1, Arka Anamika, Green Finger, Green Soft, OK-285 and Nabik were taken for varietal preference. Among the seven varieties, Taj Vendhi was the most preferable variety as the highest average shoot and fruit infestation (about 26%, and 24% respectively) were recorded. On the contrary, Arka Anamika was found least preferable variety with lowest shoot and fruit infestations, 10% and 11% respectively. Moderately preferred varieties were OK-285 followed by Green Soft and Green Finger. Preference rank for okra shoot and fruit borer among seven okra varieties was Taj Vendhi> OK-285 > Green Soft > Green Finger >BARI Dharos-1 >Nabik>Arka Anamika. Therefore, cultivation of Arka Anamika will be the best choice to decrease pest problem for the better production of okra.

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