New approaches in pharmacologic treatment of congestive heart failure, coronary disease, hypertension, orthostatic hypotension and diabetes


Gary L Murray

The first, easily employed method of independently measuring Parasympathetic(P) and Sympathetic(S) heart rate variability, which
will be described, has been invaluable in our discovering that ranolazine improves left ventricular ejection fraction in 70% of CHF
patients on average 11 EFUs when added to guideline therapy, and also prevents acute coronary syndromes. P and S measures
also allowed doubling the control of hypertension, control of orthostatic hypotension in 2/3 of patients and a 31% RRR of sudden
death in AODM with alpha lipoic acid. These studies will be discussed in detail.
Gary L Murray graduated from the Tulane School of Medicine in 1974, practicing cardiology ever since. He has published several
articles, has been cited in several textbooks, co-invented the Schad Murray RNA exercise test for CAD and the 5 minute IPPA myocardial
viability imaging. He is Co-Chairman of the Membership Committee of the International College of Angiology.


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