Neurosurgical Investigation: Can the intra-operative stimulation of the brain minimize the risk of neurological deficits in brain tumor surgeries


Anastasia Ervina Sela

Classic brain surgeries require the application of general anesthesia for the patient. However, in some cases, the patient needs to be vigilant in order to achieve the best surgical result. Such cases mainly concern the presence of spatial damage to the brain in its noble structures such as the aesthetic-motor cortex and the cortical centers of speech. “On-alert” craniotomy in intraoperative mapping of the cerebral cortex is superior to concomitant craniotomy in the rates of microsurgical resection, during hospitalization and in the recovery time of surgical patients and speech therapies in the area. This allows the neurosurgeon to choose a safe passage for the lesion, allowing it to be removed as much as possible while minimizing the risk of neurological deficits.


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