Low intensity intimate partner aggression in Ghana support for the revised gender symmetry theory in an African country


Kaj Bjorkqvist

There is Associate in Nursing in progress contestation regarding whether or not there area unit sex variations concerning the utilization of various kinds of intimate partner aggression (IPA). the normal read, that men area unit additional aggressive than girls, has been brought up as gender spatial property theory, whereas the speculation that men and ladies area unit additional or less equally aggressive has been known as gender symmetry theory. Archer (2018) has steered a revised gender symmetry theory, in keeping with that gender symmetry holds just for low intensity aggression, whereas as so much as high intensity aggression resulting in injury or death worries, males area unit perpetrators to the next degree than females. moreover, Archer suggests that gender symmetry ought to be expected to be found solely in societies with a comparatively high degree of gender equality. In developing countries, with a paternal society structure, like African countries, gender symmetry shouldn't be expected to occur. during this study, sex variations concerning the committal and victimization of low intensity IPA in African nation were investigated. The sample consisted of one,204 adults (mean age forty four.1 yrs., SD-13.5), 602 males and 602 females. IPA was measured with the DIAS-Adult form. Males scored on top of females on being put-upon by their partner from physical, indirect and nonverbal aggression, whereas females scored on top of males on being perpetrators of physical, indirect, nonverbal and cyber aggression. this is often the second study to report men being additional put-upon by low intensity IPA than girls in Associate in Nursing African nation, therefore finding support for Archer’s (2018) revised gender symmetry theory of IPA however showing that it holds not solely in Western, however conjointly in African countries with paternal structure.


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