Liberal education curriculum for the sustenance of unity in a pluralistic society



This paper focused on liberal Education curriculum as a means of sustaining unity in a pluralistic society. The concept of liberal Education, pluralistic society and that of curriculum were discussed. The benefits of liberal Education were highlighted with emphasis on its contributions to sustain unity in a pluralistic society. Liberal Education as a global issue that had its way in the early 15th to 19th century were brought to limelight by the current advanced democracies of the Europe and the West. There is a call by this paper for the contemporary 21st century curriculum planners in the developing countries to adopt liberal education to be able to produce a complete functional free man in his effort to maintain unity within a framework of a pluralistic society. Suggestions were made on the relevant classroom delivery strategies with appropriate curriculum content for liberal education. This paper further recommended strongly the inclusion of liberal education in the 21st century school curriculum.


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