Souvik Ganguli

The paper addresses a very recent topic-corona virus or covid-19 that has put the entire world on a back-foot. The pandemic stretched out its wings in each single region of the globe. Since its outbreak, researchers are struggling hard to diagnose, monitor and provide successful treatment to get the persons come out of this disease. While one wing of researchers is involved in developing medicines and vaccines to combat this pandemic, the other set of researchers are aiming for an early detection of the symptoms, monitor the conditions of the affected persons, and suggest for a possible cure with the help of several artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. Even the chest congestion classification that occurs due to pneumonia and COVID-19 needs a quick detection for its treatment and cure. Additionally, artificial intelligence has been phenomenal for monitoring and management of urban health. Also, using CT image processing, AI played an important role in the automated identification and patient monitoring. Moreover, block chain technology was applied for self-assessment of COVID-19 along with AI-based process. With the aid of smartphone built-in sensors, few researchers have investigated the diagnosis of corona virus. For the diagnosis of this infectious disease even expert systems were employed. Therefore, a new outlook on the use of technology in medical education since the COVID-19 pandemic is very clear. A diagnostic aid with AI method for suspected COVID-19 patients with fever symptoms was also suggested. This paper thus provides an investigation on the intelligent sensing systems to diagnose, monitor and support early detection to the medical practitioners in order to avoid high mortality rates that the present world is suffering right now.


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