Sanjoy Mukerji

As we all are aware, diabetes has become an epidemic. Currently, around 500 million adults are affected by it worldwide. In India, as per the WHO, approximately 70 million people were living with it in 2015. By 2030, almost 100 million people only in India may have type2 diabetes, according to a study. India is now considered as the world’s capital of diabetes. So in this presentation, the focus will be on type2 diabetes. According to NCBI resource, type 2 diabetes is primarily caused due to lifestyle factors and genetics. Well, as per various studies and the author’s own research on his patients over a period of more than a decade; they have found that it is lifestyle more than genetics that causes type2 diabetes and with positive changes in the lifestyle one can even influence the gene expression to great extent. The lifestyle factors that the author and his team found to be pertinent in the development of type 2 diabetes are as follows: Excess body fat especially abdominal fat, wrong dietary habits, insufficient physical activity or exercise, emotional stress. The topic of discussion of this presentation will mainly revolve around right dietary habits and two very important types of physical exercise for diabetes, weight management, and overall health. How to manage emotional stress will be beyond the scope of this presentation. Diet will be the main focus on this presentation. It seems that human nutrition pattern, which is by and large based on dietary recommendations, should undergo a revolution for better health. There has been an on-going debate regarding the three macronutrients viz., proteins, carbohydrates and fats. As per the research and findings, there is a clear understanding of an ideal diet for diabetes, weight management, and overall health.


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