Experiences of 20 cases treatment of aortic stent for De Bakey III aortic dissection


Yi Yun-feng, Ye Zheng-rong, Jiao Chang-jie, Zhong Jin and Chen Jian-ming

The objective was to observe and analyze clinical feasibility and clinical efficacy of aortic stent for De Bakey III aortic dissection. Clinical data of 20 patients with De Bakey III aortic dissection was reviewed after aortic stent, focusing on analyzing surgical methods, surgical outcomes, complications and postoperative follow-ups etc. All operations were successful. The average stent diameter was 34 ± 6 mm. 16 patients were partially covered with stent graft or the left subclavian artery. Obvious postoperative psychiatric symptoms caused by cerebral ischemia were not accompanied, nor were death, paraplegia or respiratory failure and other complications. Postoperative follow-up rate of 91.67% and 2 patients had internal hemorrhage, with one closure through 6 months regular medical treatment after stent internal hemorrhage surgery. Another one underwent stent implantation again. Aortic stent seems to be effective, safe and minimally invasive for De Bakey III aortic dissection with fewer complications and fast recovery etc.


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