Evaluation of Binjharpuri cattle of India in the native tract


S. K. Dash, B. P. Sethi and P. K. Rao

Physical characterization of Binjharpuri cattle was done under a project, funded by Orissa Livestock Resources Development Society (OLRDS). This was done by collecting information on herd’s structure, prevailing management practices, body conformation, production and reproduction performance of recently registered breed of cattle viz. Binjharpuri and socio-economic profile of the farmers rearing these cattle. Average body weight, height at withers, body length, heart girth, punch girth, tail length and horn length in males were 254.71±7.32 kg, 121.4±1.76, 126.32±2.32, 144.2±2.32, 143.2±2.31, 95.7±3.23 and 21.17±2.86 cm, respectively. The corresponding figures in females were 207.05 ±5.32 kg, 107.3±2.16, 115.1±1.14, 136.2±2.84, 146.3±3.5, 97.9±3.71 and 12.7±1.31 cm, respectively.

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