Effect of feed additives on methane production, rumen fermentation, and milk yield in dairy cows


Mohammed Soliman

This experiment was carried out to establish the effects of three types of feed additives (green seaweed, probiotics saccharomyces cerevisiae or yucca schiagera) on in-vitro total gas and methane production, rumen fermentation parameters, milk production in dairy cows. Twenty Friesian cows were randomly allocated to four groups (five cows/group). All cows were fed TMR first group feed without supplemented while groups 2-3 were feed TMR supplemented with one of the feed additives at a rate of 25 g, 20 g, 100 g/head/day for probiotics, yucca and green seaweeds respectively. This study concluded that feed additives enhanced beneficial processes rumen manipulation of reduction in gas and methane production, the results were variable between experimental feed additives, the green seaweeds and yucca were showing a significant (P<0.05) reduction in total gas and methane production than probiotics S.cerevisiae. The amount of ammonia, short-chain fatty acid, and IVDMD was estimated. Dietary supplemented with probiotic or seaweeds recorded a significant increase in SCHA and IVDMD than other while dietary supplemented with yucca showed a significant decreased in ammonia concentration. The dietary supplements with probiotic and seaweeds significantly improve milk yield and well as milk composition. Generally, experimental feed additives are stimulating the immunity of the animals as well as decreased the SCC.


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