Corporate social responsibility practices of small enterprises in general Tinio: Basis for proposed local corporate social responsibility policies


RB Jennifer*, CB Albert and Venancio RT Venancio

Many businesses now have systems in place for managing and communicating their CSR, including actions and policies that account for stakeholder expectations regarding the company's treatment of employees, the state of the environment, the state of the market, the state of the community, and the state of its values. The purpose of this research is to identify CSR initiatives already in place at general Tinio and to provide recommendations for their enhancement. The study's authors examined local businesses' CSR content and communication intending to expand on previous studies by evaluating grounded questions and hypotheses and enhancing methodological rigor with a more representative sample and more in-depth analysis. Local small businesses in general Tinio, Nueva Ecija were utilized for the study, with a total of 29 respondents drawn at random from the town's several barangays. The authors of this research adapted a survey questionnaire based on the five main categories of CSR initiatives. This study's results demonstrated no statistically significant correlation between the participants' profiles and such companies' commitment to social responsibility. As a result, the suggested initiatives to recognize and reward CSR efforts in the community may lead to greater success in this area.


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