Conversion effect of co-educational schools to single sex schools on female students discipline in Trans-Nzoia District, Kenya


Juliet B. M. and Shokare G. H.

Provision of equal educational opportunities to girls and boys is a key objective of the government of Kenya. This study was conducted in girls’ schools that were converted from co-educational schools in Trans-Nzoia. District, Kenya. It sought to determine the effects of the conversion on girls’ discipline. This is in light of the goal that education must prepare and equip the learner with skills, expertise and attitudes that enable him/her to play an active role in National Development. For meaningful realization of this goal, students’ discipline needs to be enhanced in all learning institutions. Secondary schools in Kenya are broadly categorized into three: Boys only, Girls only and co-educational. Apparently, majority of indiscipline issues have been manifested in co-educational schools which consequentially have led to low realization of learning objectives. Studies have cited that girls in co-educational schools face many challenges that deny them the opportunity to benefit from the school system. In reaction, some coeducational schools have opted to be converted into single sex schools by gender. The target population of this study was 11 girls’ secondary schools. Purposive sample technique of 6 schools (54%) out of 11 schools was used. Respondents comprised of 100%: Principals, Deputy Principals, Education secretaries, Heads of guidance and counseling departments, directors of studies and boarding mistresses, totaling 52. Two research instruments: Questionnaires and Interviews schedules were used to collect data. All principals, deputy principals and education secretaries were interviewed while teachers responded to questionnaires. Findings of this study revealed that the conversion from co-educational to single sex schools yielded positive effects on girls’ discipline. Based on the findings it is recommended that other coeducational schools be converted to single sex schools as the conversion seems to enhance good girls’ discipline that is helpful in the achievement of educational objectives.


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