Causes and effects of work-related stress among the senior staff administrators of the University of Education, Winneba, Ghana


Dr. Hinneh Kusi, Emma Robertson, Prof. Dominic Kwaku Danso Mensah

This study explored the causes and effects of stress among senior staff administrators at the University of Education, Winneba (Winneba Campus), Ghana. This was a mixed methods research underpinned by pragmatism. Specifically, sequential explanatory mixed methods model was employed for the study. Stratified and simple random sampling techniques were used to select 116 males and 60 females for the quantitative phase of the study, while 10 of the administrators, comprising 7 males and 3 females were selected through maximal variation sampling technique for the qualitative phase. Descriptive statistics, specifically Means and Standard Deviations were used to analyse and present the quantitative results, while the qualitative data was employed to explain and/or elaborate on the quantitative results when necessary. The study revealed that excessive workload, time pressures, bureaucracy in processing of documents and difficulty in approaching bosses were among the causes of stress to the administrators. The study further revealed that the stress experienced by the administrators create some health-related problems for them. Therefore, it was recommended that the University authorities should design stress intervention programmes such as Employee Assistance Programmes and Stress Management Training for the senior administrative staff in their working outfit so that they could manage the stress they experience. Besides, counsellors, medical experts and psychologists could be engaged by the University authorities to educate and provide relevant support on stress and coping strategies to the administrators.


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