Causes and consequences of corruption in Ethiopia; the case of Ambo Town


Gashaw Ayferam, Endalcachew Bayeh , Zelalem Muchie

There is no a single satisfactory and internationally accepted definition for the term corruption because what may seem to be corrupt in one society may not necessarily be perceived as such in another. Though there have been different attempts to define it, it is difficult to define corruption in concise and concrete terms that can be applied to all forms, types and degrees of corruption. The concept of corruption is a value-oriented concept. It is difficult to discuss it without emphasizing its moral aspects. Etymologically, the word corrupt is derived from the Latin word “corruptus also spelled “corruptio” which means “moral decay, wicked behavior, putridity or rottenness” or in short it refers to “to abuse or to destroy”1. In philosophical and theological discussions, corruption is spiritual, moral impurity or deviation from an ideal.

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