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Cardiac tumors in children- A review


Deepak Viswanath

Cardiac tumors are benign or malignant neoplasms arising primarily in the inner lining, muscle layer, or the surrounding pericardium of the heart. Cardiac tumors can be primary or metastatic. Primary cardiac tumors are rare in paediatric practise with a prevalence of 0.0017% to 0.28% in autopsy series. In contrast, the incidence of cardiac tumors during fetal life has been reported to be approximately 0.14% (McAllister, 1979; Nadas and Ellison, 1968; Holley et al., 1995). The vast majority of primary cardiac tumors in children are benign, while approximately 10% are malignant. Secondary malignant tumors are 10-20 times more prevalent than primary malignant tumors (Lam et al., 1993).


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