Appraisal of graduated general physicians’ awareness about the charter of patients’ rights


Daniyal Farhad , Izad Hamza

Patient’s rights consist of all the duties a medical center is bound to do in dealing with the patient; and the charter of patients’ rights insures the improvement of relationship between the patient and medical personnel. This study is a challenge to review these issues. This cross sectional study and was done in summer 2010. Questionnaire used to collect the information were approved after preliminary design and receiving experts’ comments, and also after performing several of validity and reliability tests. The contexts included in the charter of patients’ rights announced by Ministry of Health and Medical Education, were used as a guide to design the question forms. The data were analyzed using spss version 16 using α<0.05 as the level of significance criterion. Among the general physicians there were 69 % male and 31% female. Majority of these physicians have a moderate knowledge about the charter of patients’ rights including 240 items (68.4). There was a significant correlation between the physician’s knowledge of patients’ rights charter and their practice experience (p<0.01, r=0.4). Apparently not only the physicians and medical service providers knowledge regarding the patients’ rights is not adequate, but they need to try to respect these rights properly.


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