Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR): A Global Problem


Khushbu Yadav and Satyam Prakash

The diversity of the microbial world and the specific activities of antimicrobial agents virtually ensures widespread resistance among bacteria. The current global threat of antimicrobial resistance has encouraged taking action in integrating research and public health in maintaining and promoting the national and international antimicrobial resistance research community. Infectious diseases still account for 45% of deaths in low-income countries and for almost one in two premature deaths worldwide. Most of these deaths (about 90%) are due to no more than six diseases: acute respiratory infections (mainly pneumonia), diarrhoeal disease, HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria and measles. Relaunching antimicrobial drug discovery and development should be a global priority. So, this review article spectaculates the advances in current situation of antimicrobial resistance based on the basis of theoretical and experimental researches done in medical sciences and pharmaceutical sciences. Promoting research and development of novel antimicrobial drugs needs to address the issue of the challenging commercial model and approaches with therapeutic strategies to resolve public health needs with an attractive economic model for the pharmaceutical industry to embark on global threat of antimicrobial resistance.


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