A review of on Aleurodicus dispersus Russel (spiralling whitefly) [Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae] in Nigeria


AD Banjo

The developmental biology of Aleurodicus dispersus Russel., have been investigated. It was found to have a cumulative developmental period of (23 - 41) days. The mean numbers of egg developing to adult have been found to be 138.1 per thousand eggs. The spread of the insect have been found to be connected to human traffics. The oviposition and feeding occurs simultaneously and occur more on their abaxial surface of host leaves. Rainfall and temperature play a prominent role on the abundance and seasonal fluctuation of the insect and infact, regulating their population. Presently, A. dispersus is found on arable as well as ornamental plants but rarely on gramminae. At present, A. dispersus is a minor pest with the potential of becoming a serious pest with the increasing global warming.


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