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Global Journal of Art and Social Science Education

Commentary - Global Journal of Art and Social Science Education ( 2021) Volume 9, Issue 4

Roles and Functions of Social Sciences Education

Aakesh Vinod*
Department of Education in Social Sciences, India
*Corresponding Author:
Aakesh Vinod, Department of Education in Social Sciences, India, Email:

Published: 27-Dec-2021


The division performs changed jobs with the general target of achieving subjective improvement in Social Science and Commerce Education in schools. It has been engaged with the improvement of model prospectuses and instructing learning material in Social Sciences History, Geography, Political Science, Economics and Sociology Commerce and Health and Physical Education for the Upper Primary, Secondary and the Higher Secondary Stages. The office has likewise centered around Human Rights Education. The DESS additionally executes National Population Education Project, Adolescence Education Program and Introduction of Yoga in schools under halfway supported plan of ‘Value Improvement in Schools’.

The division embraces diverse exercises, for example, improvement of prospectuses, course books, other informative materials like educators’ handbook, instructional booklets, and strengthening peruses with the target of making sociology learning intuitive and enhancing. Perceiving the capability of advancements in such manner, the office likewise deals with creating different imaginative curricular including sound video. Thinking about the need of great importance to enhance the jargon of younger students in different disciplines of sociologies, the DESS has started the program of creating subject-explicit (Geography, History, Economic and Political sciences) trilingual (English, Hindi and Urdu) word references in straightforward and youngster amicable language. Other than creating manuals for in-administration instructor schooling, as a feature of limit building exercises, it likewise offers in-assistance preparing to sociology and business educators and instructor teachers working in various states. The office additionally works together with other constituent units of the NCERT, different states and focal organizations in regions related with its capacities.

The division is likewise associated with the most common way of creating (has started) course books in Human Rights, Health and Physical Education, beneficial understanding materials, sound video materials, word references and other asset materials for understudies and instructors. It has visualized to sort out in-administration instructor training programs in new regions like Geographical Information System (GIS), Geospatial entry School Bhuvan and Computerized Accounting. Stretching out help to different offices and states for getting subjective improvement sociology and business schooling will keep on being its undertaking before very long too.

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