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2021 Conference Announcement - Journal of Educational Administration and Management ( 2021) Volume 7, Issue 1

Nursing Education Summit 2020Nov 23-24, 2020| USA

Amy Adams Assistant Professor*
1Adult Health Nursing, USA
*Corresponding Author:
Amy Adams, Assistant Professor, Adult Health Nursing, USA, Email:

Published: 24-Feb-2021

Nursing Education Summit 2020 | Lexis Conferences.

Submission guidelines and registration prices information for Speakers and Delegates are posted on the Nursing Education Summit 2020 website at

Online entries will be accepted from January 01, 2020- November -23, 2020.

Nursing Education Summit 2020 will be held during Nov 23-24, 2020 via webinar (online event)

Nursing Education Summit 2020 aims to provide a platform where academics and practitioners from cross-disciplinary fields from education, industry, and business can come together and collaborate. The event will encourage the exploration of the potential synergies that may arise from pooling the different perspectives. We invite you to submit papers on Nursing care and Nursing Education. Poster and oral presentations, and thesis presentations will be included in the Conference Program. Nursing education and Nursing Practioneirs cover all aspects of Nursing and Nursing Summit, and broadly encompasses the Nursing Education of behavioral of child & adolescent.

Nursing Education Summit is an international multidisciplinary field concerned with all aspects of interaction between humans, Psychologists, Nursing specialist, Behavior therapist. In pursuit of these topics, the Nursing Education disciplines are invited to contribute their knowledge and experience. Major disciplines include: Psych central doctors, psychiatrists, Psychologists, behavioral therapists.

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