Global Educational Journal of Library and Information Science

Perspective - Global Educational Journal of Library and Information Science ( 2022) Volume 9, Issue 1

Information and communication technologies in various fields: Education, medicine and agriculture

K Dheeraj*
Department of Computer Science and Informatics, Central University of Himachal Pradesh, Dharmashala, India
*Corresponding Author:
K Dheeraj, Department of Computer Science and Informatics, Central University of Himachal Pradesh, Dharmashala, India, Email: [email protected]

Received: 04-Feb-2022, Manuscript No. GEJLIS-22-64737; Editor assigned: 07-Feb-2022, Pre QC No. GEJLIS-22-64737(PQ); Reviewed: 21-Feb-2022, QC No. GEJLIS-22-64737; Revised: 01-Mar-2022, Manuscript No. GEJLIS-22-64737(R); Published: 07-Mar-2022, DOI: 10.15651/2449-0628.22.09.055

Information and Communication

Information and communications generation is the infrastructure and additives that allow cutting-edge computing. it's an extensional time period for records generation information technology(IT) that stresses the position of unified communications and the mixing of telecommunications (cell phone strains and wi-fi signals) and computer systems, in addition to essential agency software, middleware, garage and audio visual, that allow customers to get right of entry to, store, transmit, apprehend and manage records.

It is used to address communications tactics including broadcast media, smart constructing control structures, transmission structures, and network-primarily based totally manipulate and tracking functions.

Components of Records and Conversation Technology

Cloud computing: Cloud computing is the on-call for availability of pc device resources, specifically information garage and computing power, without direct energetic control through the user.

Software: Software is a fixed of instructions, information or applications used to function computer systems and execute precise tasks

Hardware: The context of generation refers back to the bodily factors that make up a pc or digital device and the whole thing else concerned in this bodily tangible. Hardware is best one a part of a pc device; there may be additionally firm ware that is embedded into the hardware and at once controls it.

Internet access: Internet has right of entry to is described as the share of families who pronounced that that they'd get right of entry to the Internet. In nearly all instances to get right of entry to the private pc both the use of a dial-up or cable broadband.

Data: Data is an "uncooked material" - it desires to be processed earlier than it is able to be become something useful. "Data processing” is to be had in lots of forms - numbers, words, symbols. Data pertains to transactions, activities and facts. On its own - it isn't very useful.

Communication generation: Communication generation is the switch of messages among humans, machines the usage of generation. This processing of records can assist humans make decisions, resolve problems, and manipulate machines.

Transactions: In computing phrases a `transaction' is shifting a bit of information from one area to every other while ensuring the whole thing is with inside the device remains regular Transaction processing may be very critical in economic structures wherein all of the cash shifting round should balance.

Information and Conversation Generation in Training

It is a style of training that makes use of records and conversation generation to support, enhance, and optimize the transport of records. It additionally improves the information retention. It offers higher and smooth manner to apprehend and to learn.

Information and Conversation Generation in Medicines

Assist healthcare experts with inside the manner of diagnosis, treatment, tracking, medicinal drug prescription, referral, records retrieval and conversation, documentation and transactions. This applies to intramural, trans-mural and extramural conditions.

Information and Conversation Generation in Agriculture

It makes a specialty of the enhancement of agricultural and rural improvement via advanced records and conversation tactics. More specifically, e-agriculture includes the conceptualization, design, improvement, assessment and alertness of progressive approaches to apply records and conversation technology with inside the rural domain, with a number one cognizance on agriculture.

Supports farmers in having access to real – time and date marketplace prices.

It enables to enhance records and climate forecasting:

Information and Communication Technology Tools:

• Spread sheet

• Presentation program

• On the blog

• Information literacy

• Animation

• Publishing the program

• Web 2.0

• Create video

Impact of Unnecessary Use of the Tool

Unemployment: It has streamlined business processes, but has created redundancy and a subcontinent in the work. Employers can save more money by using computers instead of staff, but as a result, employees lose their jobs because they no longer need them.

Lack of security/privacy: Again, the information contains unwanted access, damage, destruction, or tampering.

Cyber bullying: This is a form of electronic bullying and harassment. Cyber bullying and cyber bullying are also known as online bullying.

Social media: Networking sites are available to anyone, including toddlers and teens, who may affect their physical and mental health by playing or watching violent games. They are obsessed with iPods, phones and game consoles and forget about outside activities and social communication.

Preparation Time: The Internet is effectively used for education to design, surf and customize internet based plans.