International Journal of Adult and Non Formal Education

Commentary - International Journal of Adult and Non Formal Education ( 2021) Volume 0, Issue 0

Importance of educating women

Andrew Stewart*
Department of Political Science, University of Bristol, UK
*Corresponding Author:
Andrew Stewart, Department of Political Science, University of Bristol, UK, Email: [email protected]

Received: 08-Dec-2021 Published: 29-Dec-2021


The importance of girls’ education is paramount. The long-term benefits of girl education can help a society grow holistically and lead to true women empowerment which can have far-reaching impacts. We need to make collective efforts to ensure that girls get the required opportunities to learn. Gone are the times when people used to think that it was unnecessary to send girls to school. In the current times, women are competing with men in all spheres of life. Today, people not only understand the importance of quality education, but also send their daughters to school. It’s an undeniable truth that girls’ education can bring about a phenomenal change in the society.

However, things remain unchanged in several rural parts of India, where people still don’t send their daughters to schools due to cultural and financial reasons. While some people think that girls should know nothing apart from household chores, others simply can’t afford to give their daughters proper education. Education helps women to gain the skills needed to take on leadership roles at local and national levels. Better-educated women are more likely to join bodies, whether volunteer or elected, where they can take part in making decisions that affect their lives and those of their communities.

Education not only empowers a grown up girl, but also makes her economically independent. Empowerment of girls and women also forms a strong base in the fight against the issue of gender-inequality. An educated woman is capable of sharing the burden of men in the different walks of life. In this age of economic crisis, it’s hard for the middle class to make both ends meet. Working women can add to the total income of their husbands and can earn a living for herself and her family. Educated girls can not only improve their own lives, but can also brighten the future of the country by giving their children a good upbringing. Education leads to freedom of thought and broadens a woman’s outlook. This also makes her aware of her responsibilities and duties. Women’s education is very important for the country to fully develop. It is like an effective medicine to cure a patient completely and provide health back. An educated woman has the capability to handle her home and professional life. The moral aim of education is the physical and intellectual development of the child. The only aim of education is ‘complete knowledge’ or ‘knowledge, more knowledge, and yet more knowledge’. An educated woman has the skills, information, and self-confidence that she needs to be a better parent, worker, and citizen. Indeed, the dividend for educational investment is often higher for women than men. It is absolutely true that education makes a person independent. Education provides us with the skills to make ourselves capable of offering services to others and earning a livelihood. If women become educated and earn for themselves then they don’t have to depend on their family for anything. This builds their confidence and makes them take their decision on their own. They realize their worth and their uniqueness. Therefore, education for women is really important in making women independent and confident.



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