Global Journal of Educational Foundation

Awards 2020 - Global Journal of Educational Foundation ( 2021) Volume 9, Issue 1

2nd world Congress on AI and Automation

Hung Nguyen*
1Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute, Deakin University, Australia
*Corresponding Author:
Hung Nguyen, Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute, Deakin University, Australia, Email: [email protected]

Published Date: Feb 26, 2021


EXPLORING THE EXCELLENCE IN THE FIELD OF THE ROBOTICS AND RESEARCH IDEAS IN THE FIELD OF ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION It is an excellent delight and status to increase to you a heat invite to attend the “2nd world Congress on AI and Automation 2020” are going to be control throughout November 09-10, 2020 European nation national capital}, Netherlands, with the - clutches the long run along environments.

Robotics 2020 analysis will exhibit the merchandise and services from industrial and non-commercial organizations like Professors, Researchers, Students and Technical employees from the sphere of producing Devices corporations, Engineers and Delegates from Architects corporations, Directors/Co-Directors of Research-based corporations across Europe and United States of America World Health Organization square measure investment in AI and Automation.

Robotics 2020 aims in proclaim information and share new concepts amongst the professionals, industrialists and students from analysis space of AI and Automation to share their analysis experiences and relishes interactive discussions at the event. This scientific gathering guarantees that giving the thoughts and ideas can change and secure you the theme “Automation and AI for a property Future”.

Robotics and Automation combines information of technology, physical science and mensuration and management within the style of merchandise and processes. during this specialization, you may work to boost the performance of mechanical device devices. Automation includes all the advanced managementlers that control and regulate the sphere level devices in period. The conference can give a platform to share the new concepts associated with recent developments within the role of Automation in AI, purposeful units of AI, AI and Automation, AI and lots of different aspects.

Robotics and Automation square measure outlined as a many-sided field of science that has a mix of many subjects like technology, physical science, pc engineering, telecommunications engineering, systems engineering, and management engineering. the newest trends gaining grip within the Automation and AI courses market embody rising quality of Automation and AI workshops and Original instrumentality makers (OEMs).

The key players within the world automation and AI courses market embody ARM Holdings (United Kingdom), Canadian province Institute of Technology (Canada), old master Rexroth (Germany), Hennepin Technical faculty (U.S) and foreign terrorist organization (Switzerland). ARM Holdings, a distinguished player in mechatronics and AI courses market, conducts mechatronics and AI education kit to coach students and future engineers with the fundamental information and necessary skills to develop autonomous mechatronics and robotic systems. This kit includes a full course on the way to style, build, ANd integrate key parts of an automation system. The course is extremely advanced and includes an expensive set of lecture slides with notes and work manuals with solutions. Canadian province Institute of Technology conducts a regular sheepskin course that includes a novel, multidisciplinary combination of courses in physical science, mechanics and creating by mental acts to produce users with each theoretical and sensible skills that square measure needed to style and maintain mechatronic systems.

The primary factors driving the expansion of the Automation and AI courses market incorporates increasing the appliance of mechatronics by OEMs. However, the key concern with OEMs and SMBs (Small & medium size businesses) is to reduce the general operating expense. different problems with the organizations square measure the necessity for in operation business expeditiously, yielding with regulative demands, and meeting environmental standards at the time has become one in every of the key challenges to OEMs.

Global Automation and AI Courses Market square measure calculable to grow at a CAGR of roughly V-J Day throughout the forecast amount of 2017-2023.

Automation is that the latest trending technology in several fields particularly in industries like producing, management systems, mining, etc. the present era absolutely extended with several new automation technologies. In such case additional automation corporations and industries were new introduced among market that clearly shows the market growth of Automation. Whereas analyzing the revenue growth of Automation functions, it extremely developed from $150 billion USD to $250 billion USD since from 2016-2022. and also the annual growth share will increase from 20-55 percentages, that clearly shows that automation technology contains immense scope in returning years.

Awards Announcement

The meeting offers developing research worker grants to outstanding specialists, uncommon alumni or early academicians World Engineering Organization have explicit captivation towards the gathering topics. The Award endeavours in giving a solid skilled improvement open door for early vocation academicians—meeting specialists within the field, connecting with partners from completely different items of the globe, and creating systems and long-standing time relations.

Expert Level Award:

The eligibility criteria for achieving this award is that one have to be compelled to have minimum of 20+ years of experience among the Science practices and research ideas in the field of Engineering.

Professional Level Award:

The eligibility criteria for achieving this award is that one have to be compelled to have minimum of 10+ years of experience among the Science practices and research ideas in the field of Engineering.

Scholar Level Award:

The conference offers Scholar Level Award for the upcoming scientists, researchers and experts having 10+ years research experience in the field of Engineering. Presentation time includes 25-30 minutes of oral talk on the scientific research topics based on the theme of the conference along with 5 minutes panel discussions. You can nominate deserving individual for an award through online.

Women Scientist Award:

Our conference provides a unique platform for Women Scientists and researchers for presenting latest research projects with an in-depth analysis. We cordially invite women scholars and scientists from Universities/Industries to who have 10+ years of research experience to join the forum. We are happy to encourage our women scientist’s participants through research awards and provide assistance for women scholars in career development and research guidance through our collaborations. Women Scientist can assign meriting the honour through online.

Outstanding Speaker Award:

This respect sees for individual who will show their endeavours, techniques, and plans that have been completed to improve long stretch Robotics practices and research ideas in the field of Engineering.

Best Keynote Speaker Award:

This respect sees for best Keynote speaker who can show their activities, techniques, and plans that are dead to boost long-standing time greatness in Robotics practices and research ideas in the field of Engineering.

Best Poster Presentation Award:

Best Poster Competition is organized at Conference, to encourage students and up to date graduates to Award their original analysis.

Outstanding Master’s/PhD/Postdoctorate Thesis Work Award:

This honour perceives for Master’s/PhD/Postdoctorate scholastic degree proposal work presentation. Who will show their undertakings and postulation that square measure upheld to upgrade since an extended time past run greatness within the sphere of Robotics practices and research ideas in the field of Environmental Science. You can nominate Merit of the award through on-line.


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