Vauban of the east: Cultural, environmental and archetypal deep beauty in a Pakistani urban development


Zoona Jerral

What would the Vauban, Malmo or Hammar by Stad of Pakistan Look like? By the mid of the last century in most of the Western World the issue of sustainability had been discussed and understood; but an understanding of the South Asian (Indo-Pak) perspective on this term in not very well known. Earthen architecture and other natural materials are a neighborhood of the vernacular built culture of most of South Asia for several centuries until the arrival of the economic age and therefore the introduction of steel and concrete made everyone fall for the fallacy that this was the foremost comfortable thanks to build. Material though, was not the only way in which people lived self-sustaining lives. Most eastern lifestyles, day to day routines, and even family structures were built round the idea of sustainability albeit most of the people might not have known the meaning of the contemporary name given to their lifestyles.


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