Utilization of blood and its components at a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan


Nadia Altaf1 , Shahtaj Khan1, Afzal Shah1, Muhammad Idrees2, Rashid Azeem3, Muhammad Waqas4

Statement of the Problem: Audit of blood usage allows in effective control of blood inventory to satisfy present and destiny demands. However, there has been no preceding audit of utilization of blood and its additives in our province of Pakistan, consequently we determine to conduct audit of blood and its additives in numerous departments of the sanatorium after which to develop strategies that will result in premiere therapeutic utilization of blood and its components with maximum clinical benefits to the patient. Methodology: A retrospective audit become carried out in Blood Bank at a Tertiary Care Hospital of Pakistan from January 2017 to December 2017. Included all consecutive patients who had been admitted and acquired blood additives transfusion in inpatient, emergency and ICU Departments. All transfusions included in this look at were allogenic. Children registered in thalassemia center receiving transfusions were excluded from the take a look at. The frequency of entire blood, packed crimson blood cells, clean frozen plasma and platelet utilization became calculated. Findings: In our examine a complete of 28963 blood and its components have been applied for inpatients at Tertiary Care Hospital. Whole blood transfusions (41%) have been done most accompanied through packed crimson blood cells (25%). Male sufferers (57.5%) had received most transfusions as compared to females (42.4%). Most blood transfusions have been seen in the age group of 20-50 years. The clinical area of expertise which required high price of usage of blood and its components become medicine (23.3%). Maximum RBC transfusions were prescribed with the aid of gynaecology and obstetrics (23.8%) whilst highest platelets and FFPs transfusions had been visible with the aid of medicine (43.1%) and gynaecology & obstetrics (23.1%) respectively. Conclusion & Significance: The high charge of usage of blood and its components in our observe reinforces the significance of justified use of blood and its additives inside the clinical exercise through implementation of tips of use of diverse blood products to satisfy demands.


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