The revitalization of pesantren: Philosophical thinking to direction universalization of Islamic values


Syamsul Ma’arif

Pesantren as one of the religious education system in Indonesia that are hundreds of years still showed its existence until now. Although pesantren faces various problems when they have to come into contact with the issues of globalization and some people still suspect a pesantren education system is considered conservative, rejected democracy untill the issue of religious terrorism. Interestingly, all negative image from the outside of community to the pesantren, responded peacefully by the pesantren community. Even, pesantren in this globalization era, was trying to explore again philosophically oll of its values to be aligned with the needs of evolving society, in addition also reformulate the system of it education which is considered less humane. Movements that brought pesantren instead turned towards such a discourse by many parties, by carrying themes linked to the life of modern society such as pluralism, humanism, gender and human rights.


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