The evaluation of Facebook using �?±nformation, Facebook using attitudes and behaviors according to gender variable (Kars City Example)


Ali Osman ENGÄ°N

This study was about the evaluation of facebook using information, Facebook using attitutes and bevior according to the gender variable. It is known from the social life activities well about how the common social influence of social sharing web sites are effective and widespread. It has been followed from some news published in written and visual media that it causes very important psychological and traumatic damages for individuals. It is not possible for people to limit using time and necessity of Facebook but it forces their borders and capacity. The limitlesness of social deterioration were supported by the social sharing web sites. But on the other hand it mustn’t be thought that the social sharing web sites have only negative influences but also it may have some positive influences too. For example, these sites encourages for everybody to develop the conscious of democracy and humanrights and to have more freedom. One of the most important influences of social sharing sites for people to serve not only their expectations but also their nonexpectations. The basic influence is not related to the accepted expectations it depends on non accepted and non waited expectations. The data of this study were collected by a questionnaire and interview forms. The data collected by the questionnaire and interview forms were evaluated and commended by eligible statistical methods such as mean ranks, significant levels and content analysis. In the first chapter of the study, the area of the study was done and given some conceptual and theorical information by means of scanning model. In the second chapter, the aim of the study, problem position, the importance of study, limitations, conjectures, problem question, research method, research world and sampling group were explained and given information about. In the third chapter, the data handed were analyzed by looking at mean ranks, sum of ranks ans significant levels. In the last chapter, some important comments and suggestions such as females’ fears not to use Facebook were given and presented depending on the data of the research


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